Event Medical Services that MedStar Solutions can offer for your production....

Event Medical Services has been our premier service for the last few years now.  Our providers are certified locally and nationally in order to provide the staffing in multiple states.  Our staff are all ICS trained under the FEMA guidelines and have expanded scope of training and ongoing continuing education.

We provide all necessary equipment for the event, per our consultations with clients, and ensure that our staff are set up for sucess with all the equipment they need to ensure proper compliance and consistency.

MedStar has a variety of cost effective services to ensure responsible and reliable solutions while maintaining cost effective pricing, and enhancing your current service with our exclusive price match guarantee.

  • Dual EMT (Expanded Scope) Stand-by
  • Combo EMT/Paramedic  Stand-by
  • Roving Medical Teams
  • Bicycle Medical Team
  • Incident/Medical Supervision
  • Communications / Dispatch Services
  • Ambulance Stand-by/Response Coordination
  • EMS Liaison for Public Safety Agencies
  • Limited Ambulance Transports!!!

More than just medical services

MedStar Solutions, LLC is not just an Event Medical Service provider.  We have many resources that you can select when developing your event managment team and needs.  

View our resources including: 
  • Medical Staffing
  • Equipment/Supplies
  • Communications
  • Treatment Facilities
  • Bicycle Teams
  • Support Vehicles
  • Command & Control
  • Full Service Solutions
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Event Medical Services

Many of the special events conducted today require personnel to stand by in the event of an accident, emergency, or safety concern at the venue.  Promoters and event teams need responsible, reliable, and knowledgeable emergency responders to be on-site and ready to jump into action.
MedStar Solutions medical teams specialize in concerts, athletic and motorsport events, street fairs, and movie & television productions. We specially select our staff based on professional experience, current clinical knowledge, compassion, and ability to communicate with a diverse range of people and communities.

Our goal is to treat on-scene so your patrons can get back to the event or not have to absorb high-cost ambulance or emergency room bills. 
Our experience makes the difference.

Events in the great outdoors

Some of the most exciting events, take place in venues, state parks, and remote areas that most people would never expect.  Non-Fixed venues are some of the most challenging events that we face in the industry.  A majority of non-fixed venues take place in locations that are away from a majority of the services provided to larger, fixed venues. MedStar has the ability to plan and execute a medical plan designed for your non-traditional venue.

MedStar's team has worked in some of the most remote locations where local public safety agencies may be more than an hour response time away. Our goal is to provide the highest level of care possible in a non-fixed setting while limiting the number of ambulance transports out of your venue. MedStar meets with venue management and public safety agencies to develop, implement and execute a safety response plan that covers your event and venue from beginning to end. MedStar has a solution for any non-fixed venue imagined that can and will be customized to your need.

Our on-site team will always have the ability to immediately contact and consult with medical assistance and/or medical director. We are fully insured with coverage for property damage and general liability.
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Our Experienced Team​​

We have many reasons why to choose MedStar Solutions to provide event medical services for your next event.  One of the biggest reasons we hear from most of our loyal customers is the people.  All of our members are experienced providers with field or hospital experience.  Our leadership has supervisory or management experience, most currently leaders in their primary jobs.  We give our people the tools to do their job and set them up for success which has led to our new clients seeing immediate enhancements from prior providers.  We hope you see for yourself that there really is a difference in our organizational structure, being on the cutting edge, and the proactive approach we ensure.

Click on the video above to see some of what makes us great.

Concerts and Festivals
In 2015, 71 million people in the USA attended concerts ranging in size from EDC Las Vegas to small community-based events.  MedStar has a solution for every type of concert venue out there.  Concerts often take place in large non-fixed venues with very little resources in place prior to the event taking place.  MedStar specializes in setting up an EMS system in every type of environment.  

MedStar Solutions will meet with venue management, concert producers, and other public safety agencies prior to the event to perform a pre-show walk down, develop a response and safety plan specific to that venue and production.  MedStar will also coordinate with all of the local public safety agencies to make sure that your event is covered 100% from beginning to end.

Our MedStar Solutions team can provide your event with as little as a single EMT to stand-by, up to multiple ALS level teams to respond to any and all medical needs at your venue.  By providing an ALS level service, MedStar strives to limit the number of ambulance transports from your event.  MedStar Solutions is your one-stop-shop for everything you would need to keep your venue safe.
Recent Events
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We currently have clients that utilize us for their multi-day music festivals and some that use us to staff their venues for many EDM and rock concerts presented by major promoters such as Live Nation, and AEG.
Endurance Sports
MedStar's EMS team has found a great niche providing services for the endurance sports areas for running, mountain biking, triathlons, and other longer courses that also often go in adverse areas and conditions.

With the ability of our EMT's to provide IV hydration and respiratory medications we have been rapidly gaining these clients in order to be able to treat most patients on site and minimize the need for ambulance transports or calling in search and rescue assets.

We are very fortunate to have a proactive, sports-oriented medical director and the training aspect of our company to permit our providers these advanced capabilities and skills.
MedStar in action
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Sporting Venues
From baseball to basketball, hockey to soccer, fans by the thousands head to stadiums all over the world to watch their favorite sporting event. Many stadiums also double as concert venues or host other types of events. MedStar has the experience you need to handle any kind of event in your stadium. MedStar has experience with several semi-pro teams as well as major league sports.  MedStar management has several years of experience with Major League Baseball (MLB) as well as several NASCAR events.

MedStar Solutions has the ability to design an EMS system customized to your stadium and needs. Our goal is to provide as much care in-house as possible to limit the number of ambulance transports from your venue. 
We take the concerns of the venue management and combine them with our years of experience to provide our clients with the best solution possible for your needs. 
HOV Events
  1. Volleyball
  2. Football
  3. Basketball
  5. Trainer Creds_USA Hockey
  7. field hockey
  8. Med Team2

Our High Occupancy Venue (HOV) deployment plan can optimize coverage and minimize unnecessary staffing, all customized to your location, needs, and attendance matrix.

Youth Sports & Competition
We have created a unique model for youth sports and the competitive side of event services.  Our education department has developed the latest courses in Concussion Recognition, Sports Injuries, and On-Field Rapid Assesment.  Our medical teams do Concussion screening for our sports players and also provides education to many of the governing boards of these organizations.  Our providers do SCAT screenings for head impact-related injuries in order to best assess and this has set precedence in some of the large organizations to authorize our team to make the medical calls for pulling players from play.

Our new standards are now being adopted by other leagues in the various sports that we provide service for.
Our events in play
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Set Medics
Special events for uniqe needs
This is one of our few events where we can staff an individual EMT or Paramedic.  However, if the hazards are significant then we would determine the needs for additional staffing.

The medical event industry has a large variety of special events where medical services are required or needed.  Our management team is very fortunate to have significant backgrounds to ensure that we maintain a well-versed team of experience providers for such events.
Whether it be a filming of a  commercial or a full movie production, MedStar has a solution forkeeping your production set safe.  MedStar has experience with working on all different types of sets, from the City of Boston @ Fenway Park, to Los Angeles on Venice Beach, MedStar has the ability to cover your set with a variety of resources to keep your production crew and guests safe.

MedStar works with all levels of the filming industry, from major Hollywood productions, to small filming projects, MedStar has the ability to serve any size production, in any location.  MedStar will meet with your production team to make sure  we meet the individual needs of your set.  MedStar understands that each set is different and each location has a new set of obsticles. MedStar has the ability to adapt and change at a moments notice to meet your production needs.

Air Shows &
Our EMS team and incident command staff can integrate into the overall safety plan for these unique types of events to ensure safety for this high occupancy venue.
MedStar has gathered a team of professionals with air show and fly in experience to work with your team to develope and design a medical system that will meet your needs at an affordable rate.

MedStar has years of experience dealing with local public safety agencies and will coordinate all of those resources to keep your event as safe as possible.

MedStar has the ability to work with the small local air shows to provide on-site medical up to the ALS level, or it has the ability to integrate with other public safety agencies to provide support at a larger capacity show.  No matter the size or location of the show, MedStar has a solution for your airshow and fly-in needs!