Enhancing services to provide more solutions

MedStar has a variety of cost-effective staffing and resource solutions to ensure all your needs are considered and prepared for while maintaining cost-effective pricing, and enhancing your current level of service.

Ever Evolving...

MedStar originated as a consulting service for EMS agencies and from there has grown our Event Medical Services greatly where our major client base is currently in this arena. We offer unique solutions and capabilities from that of most other event medical companies across the western U.S. at a lower cost for services.
Expanded Capabilities...

Many of those we treat for special events and sports medicine suffer from dehydration or respiratory issues.  Our EMT's are capable of providing IV therapy and breathing treatments on site to combat these most common issues. Most other event companies do not have this expanded scope of practice thereby requiring the need for activating the 911 system for additional care or transport.  Our goal is to asses, treat, and release aftercare is given on site.
Sucess in Training...

With being a training instituation we are fortunate to provide additional training to our staff.  Courses on IV therapy and administration, airway management, concussion recognition, sports medicine, wound care, incident command, EVOC, and scene safety are just some of our ongoing classes provided to our team to ensure conutinual training in our QA/CQI process.
  1. Communications
    Making everything flow often takes more than handing out radios to your event team. Controlling the flow, handling logistics from one team to another requires coordination. Our team of dispatchers can provide multiple options to determine your best solution. Most are 911 dispatchers and can handle just the medical component, security, homeland, and other emergency personnel or unite all teams under a unified "Com Plan".
  2. Medical Staffing
    Medical Staffing
    MedStar Solutions can staff your event with the appropriate team for your event. We have Paramedics, EMT's, Supervisors, Dispatchers, Incident Command, and specialty vehicle drivers. Ensuring all your needs are covered will give you piece of mind that your event will run smoothly.
  3. Equipment/Supplies
    We provide top level equipment to our team and clients. We maintain supplies and ensure all are in compliance. Many of our competitors require their people to provide their own, however, we prep for sucess and ensure that all the tools to do the job are there and a consistency of what is on scene is available.
  4. Treatment Facilities
    Treatment Facilities
    It takes more than a pop up tent to make a safe treatment area. Our staff will coordinate what size/type of tent of facility will be needed. Power, heat/air, size of area, access, generators, and amount of locations will be planned. Will mobile or rover teams be needed and how many. Our deployment plan will be assessed based on occupancy, area, access, and prior incidents
  5. Support Vehicles
    Support Vehicles
    Capabilities for vehicles like SUV's, trucks, or other specialty needs can be requested. Mobile capability can access patients or people needing help or transport. Many of our vehicles are equipped with emergency lighting and sirens for emergency response. These vehicles were first introduced with our funeral escort services but are often used to allow our medical team mobile access to the injured.
  6. Command & Control
    Command & Control
    The bigger your event the more oversight you will need to be sure things run smoothly. MedStar has the ability to set up your unified command in order to ensure all your leadership is on the same page and the big picture is never forgotten. Set up a command staff and plan for your event in a professional and safe manner is what we pride ourselves on. Pre-planning is critical and execution is paramount to success.
  7. Bicycle Teams
    Bicycle Teams
    Our bike team is a growing resource with training and equipment updates ongoing. Some of our new bicycles are now equipped with special lighting and our newer "stat packs" make riding and treatment more seamless. Our bikes are being used for parades, concerts, off roading areas, parking lots, and a variety of areas for both medical and parking/traffic control.
  8. Full Service Solutions
    Full Service Solutions
    Bringing it all together can streamline your event to a greater success. We can package all of our resources into an inclusive service to optimize what is needed while minimizing your cost with an all inclusive price. Our solutions specialists are always available to help with these needs.
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