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Mark Ewing, EMT. CIT
Administration and Client Relations
Ofc:   800-633-3195 ext: 701
Cell:  714-417-6575
Email: [email protected]
Dr. Andy Jou , DO, FACEP
Medical Director
Risk Management
​Email: [email protected]
John Goode, EMT
Operations and Human Resources
Ofc:  800-633-3195 ext: 708
Cell: 602-689-6657
Email: [email protected]
Trent Phillips
Traffic Safety and Scheduling
Ofc:  800-633-3195 ext: 711
Cell: 602-214-3974
Email: [email protected]
Mark Prewett, EMT
EMS and Clinical Compliance
Ofc:   800-633-3195 ext: 710
Cell: 509-528-5703
Email: [email protected]
Team Leads

Michelle Harrell, Lead Paramedic

Sarah Sale, Lead EMT

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