Schedule of Upcoming Courses

The currently scheduled classes for the month of January 2017 are now available to review and sign up for.  The locations of the classes will be determined by the size of the class and students will be notifed prior to the class date. Please call for other dates and schedule the class you desire in advance.

For more information on the class consult the course information pages of the website.

  1. Friday June 2, 2017 9 am - 1 pm
    CPR - AED - First Aid
    Adult CPR & AED Course designed for the community. Corporate class with limited open seats still available.
  2. Thursday May 25, 2017 9 am-1 pm
    Adult Only CPR-AED Class for the community. Attend this class to get all the emergency basics for those with little or no prior medical background or experience.
  3. To Be Determined
    Emergency Vehicle Operators Course designed to educate emergency vehicle drivers on the rules, laws, and safety of emergency driving. Class & Field Skills

More courses for 2017 will be added as we determine the course title and dates.  Check back often for more classes or call to request a class and date you prefer.​

Classes conducted for a specific agency/organization may be considered a "closed" class and therfore not reflected on this calendar.

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